Mauke Island

Ma'uke Island

This island, similar to the others, is a raised atoll surrounded by densely forested makatea.

It is not more than 20 m asl, therefore, the caves generally end in a fresh water or slightly saline pool, and often they continue below the water table.


Other interesting caves are to be found in the northern part of the island. Vai Ou is a narrow shaft, which ends in a water filled hole. Vai Moraro (Crawling Cave) comprises of a series of small chambers with slightly saline pools at the bottom. The main cave can be accessed from the entrance through a very narrow crawl. Vai Tunamea is a deep hole with a pool at the bottom.

Text from George Szentes (2004): Caves of the Cook Islands, The British Caver Vol. 127 Spring 2005, pp 1-12, 13 color pictures, 1 bw picture, 1 map. With kind permission of the author.