Useful Information


Image: The entrance of the ShowcaveKubach Crystal Cave in Germany.
Every show cave, mine or subterranea on this site has a short list of hard facts called Useful Information. With a contemporary browser it will be displayed like this text, with smaller font and darkgreen letters on white background.
In the Useful Information block you find information in a very brief form, which makes some explanation necessary.
It is very difficult to write dates, fees and hours in a well readable manner, so we always tried to find a sort of "international" way of writing it, which should be understood by anybody. But if you do not understand it, here is the explanation:

All rates are subject to change without notice!

Fees may change every year! Even the official websites are often outdated. If you need actual fees, please call the phone number given with the address or send an e-mail directly to the cave (not to us please).

We are doing our best in providing current and correct information about any cave or mine. Unfortunately some managements seem to spend much of their time in changing hours and fees. Some even refuse to give fees, in order to be "flexible", whatever this may mean. So our main goal for those two topics is to give at least a correct set of a recent year, but not to keep it up to date at any cost. We guess it is good enough if the fees are not older than five years, and our visitors should be able to add general inflation themselves. If caves change the prices in an erratic way or have drastic increases, outdated prices on our site are their shame, not ours.

In general we prefer to spend our efforts on adding new sites, extending descriptions and adding background info, not those technical facts.