Ice and Caves

Ice may contain caves, but caves also may contain ice. Ice is stored in artificial cellars, ice is found naturally in caves. And finally, ice is easily cut, so there are artificial caves inside ice. With all those possibilities, there are also some restrictions. To create caves in ice there must be a lot of ice, and that means automatically glacier.

genesis surrounding rock content term comment
artificial rock ice SubterraneaIce Cellar cellar which was built to store ice in winter to use it during summer
artificial ice SubterraneaGlacier Grotto a cave cut into a glacier for scientific purposes or as a tourist sight
natural rock ice SpeleologyIce Cave a natural cave may contain ice because it is high up in the mountains or it is a cold trap
natural ice SpeleologyGlacier Cave glaciers melt and the melting water forms caves in the ice of the glacier