Aggteleki Nemzeti Park

Aggtelek National Park

Gömör Torna Karst

Tropfsteinhöhle von Aggtelek in den Karpathen. Engraving from 1899.

Aggteleki Nemzeti Park (Aggtelek National Park) lies at the border to the Slovak Republic in the north east of Hungary. The Gömör Torna Karst Area has a size of 80.000 ha, 19.762 ha on the hungarian side. This area became National Park in 1985. It contains 14 cave systems and nearly 240 smaller or larger caves.

A large, horizontal water system is the cave of the Jósva stream. Here is the second deepest cave of Hungary, the 240 m deep Vecsem-bükki Shaft. The Baradla Domica Cave System is famous for its formations and is the longest cave system with 25 km.