Bükki Nemzeti Park

Bükk Hills - Lillafüred - Bükk National Park

The Bükk Hills are a part of the mostly volcanic Northern Hill Range. A small area of limestone, the central plateau, is 800 m asl and is surrounded by the "rocks" Bél-kõ, Pes-kõ, Tar-kõ, Vörös-kõ and others (the Hungarian word kõ means rock). More than 850 caves are known from the Bükk Hills. Among them is the deepest cave of Hungary, the 250 m deep István-Lápa Cave.

This area was inhabited by man since the Prehistoric. Tools and bones of the Neanderthal man were found in several caves. Until the Middle Ages, the people lived on what they hunted and collected in the forest. Later mining of the limestone, lime-burning, potash-glass production, glassware making, logging the extensive forests, coal-burning and handicrafts became important industries. Today forestry and game management are restricted within the National Park. Bükk National Park was established in 1976.

Address of the Directorate: Bükki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság (BNPI), Sánc u. 6, 3304 Eger.