Farkaskői Alkotótelep

Farkaskő Creative Colony

Useful Information

Location: In Noszvaj.
Open: All year daily 10-18.
Fee: Adults HUF 400, Children HUF 300.
Classification: SubterraneaCave House.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Farkaskői Alkotótelep, Noszvaj, Tel: +36-30-399-43-40, Tel: +36-30-376-82-62.
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Barlanglakások, Farkaskői Alkotótelep. Public Domain.

Around the town Noszvaj, between Eger and Miskolc, there are thick layers of soft rhyolite tuff. This rock was easy to cut but rooms in the rock were nevertheless quite stable During the 19th century it became quite popular to dug underground homes, cave dwellings, which was much cheaper than building a house. Those cave houses were called Pocem. This development was a result of the large-scale impoverishment. Later they were abandoned and left unattended.

But in the last years some dwellings were reactivated, mostly by people seeking an alternative lifestyle. The cave houses close to the city are inhabited by the Farkaskői Alkotótelep (Farkaskő Creative Colony). It's an artists' colony with painters, musicians, and sculptors. There is also the Farkaskő Guesthouse with a petting zoo.