East Java Province

Jawa Timur (East Java) is the eastern third of the island Java. East Java Province has three geological zones: the southern zone (coastal plain), the middle zone (volcanic), and the northern zone (folds). The south has coastal plains with a high groundwater level and no listed sites. But there are some patches of limestone hills with two show caves. The middle of the province has a chain of volcanic mountains, namely Mount Lawu (3,265 m asl), Mount Wilis (2,169 m asl), and Mount Liman (2,563 m asl), Mount Arjuno (3,339 m asl), Mount Welirang (3,156 m asl), Mount Anjasmoro (2,277 m asl), Mount Kawi (2,551 m asl), and Mount Kelud (1,731 m asl). The last is the highest mountain on the island of Java. There are active volcanoes, but the volcanism is much less intense than on nearby Bali. There are lava tubes, but none is open to tourists. The northern part are folded sedimentary rocks forming hill country with patches of karst and show caves. The monsun climate is responsible for high amounts of rainfall, but due to its eastern location less than on the western side.