Al Jumhuriyah at Tunisiyah

Republic of Tunisia

Tunisia is a country in northern Africa, at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The northern part of the country is warm, but gets some winter rain. The southern part of the country is arid. Huge salt plains ar the last remains of dried out lakes.

Some ten thousand years ago, during the Ice Ages, this area was very fertile. It was inhabited by early man and small caves in the sandstone rocks were used as shelter and for cave paintings. At the time of the Roman Empire Tunisia was the location of Carthago. During the three Punian Wars the empire of Carthago was destroyed. Later the country became the granary of the Roman Empire.

At the moment I do not know about show caves in Tunisia. But because of the arid climate cave houses are a very good idea. And the mines El-Haouaria are said to be from Roman times.