Trnava Region

Trnavský kraj

Trnava Region is one of the eight Slovak administrative regions and was established in 1996. It is named after the capital Trnava which is located in the center. It was formerly called Bratislava Region, which was established on the founding of Czechoslovakia in 1923, but the border changed with the restructuring. Bratislava has now its own region, which is the central part of the former region around the city. As a result of the split the region has a rather uncommon shape, rather long and narrow across the country, and thus has borders to Czechia, Austria and Hungary. Most of the region is lowland, the Záhorie Lowland in the north and the Danubian Lowland in the south. The two parts are separated by the Malé Karpaty (Little Carpathians) where some karst and caves exist, there is one show cave.