Mestská a naftárska expozícia Gbely

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Location: ZUŠ building, 3rd floor. Czechoslovak Army 1207, Gbely, 908 45. (48.719220, 17.115301)
Open: Only after reservation.
Classification: SubterraneaMining Museum
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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1913 the small farmer Ján Medlen (*1870-✝1944) discovers the natural gas.
2003 exposition opened to the public.



The Mestská a naftárska expozícia Gbely (Urban and oil exposition) is a city museum. Two of the three rooms are dedicated to various aspects of the local history. But the third room shows the oil industry in Gbely.

The oil deposit was discovered by the small farmer Ján Medlen (*1870-✝1944). He constructed a kind of gas tank, over which he built a house. He operated his oven and stove with the natural gas for two years until a leakage caused an explosion which destroyed the house. But the explosion also caused scientific exploration and the discovery of the oil deposit. The exhibition explains the beginning of oil production, the state oil wells, the oil industry in Slovakia, natural gas storage, plants and operations. The museum is the successor of the NAFTA oil museum and the Museum of Petroleum Mining and Geology in Hodonín. Other exhibits are private pieces by former employees of Nafta Gbely.