Estado Falcón

Estado Falcón is located in the northwest on the coast of the Caribbean Sea and was named after Juan Crisóstomo Falcón, the president of Venezuela from 1863 to 1868. To the south are medium-altitude mountain ranges from east to west, and to the west it is bordered by the oilfields of Lake Maracaibo. The state capital is Coro, is located in a 20-km wide desert strip along the coast in the north. To the south the Serrania de San Luis has clouds and rains, and there are karst springs and caves. The rivers rising at the resurgences of Meachiche, Siburua and San Antonio flow northwards through the desert to the Embalse El Isiro, a man-made drinking water reservoir. To the east the coast turns south, so the mountain ridges almost reach the coast, becoming lower in the last few kilometers. However, there is no coastal plain.