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Schwäbische Alb

Schwabian Jura

Image: the karst plain near Steinheim am Albuch is modified by a meteor impact.

The Swabian Jura is a German highland or Mittelgebirge.

The northern rim of the Swabian Jura is called Albtrauf. It is the highest and most impressive cliff or escarpment of the  South German Escarpments. The layers of the plateau are sloping with a dip of about 3° to the South. The southern border of the Swabian Jura is marked by the river  Danube, which flows where the jurassic layers become covered by much younger molasse sediments. The width of the Swabian Jura from north to south is about 30 kms, the length from the Nördlinger Ries, an meteorite crater with a diameter of 25 kms) to the Swiss border in the southwest is about 180km.

The rocks of the Swabian Jura are jurassic, carbonatic sediments. They are the divided into three parts:

The plateau of the Swabian Jura is formed by Malm limestones. Nearly all caves of the area are in this layers, all of the show caves in the list below are located in Malm rocks.

The Geography is not only essential for the formation of caves, but also for their accessibility. Weatering cuts through caves and makes them accessible for animals and man.

Sights of This Region

 Aach Spring |  Bären- und Karlshöhle |  Brenztopf |  Burghöhle Dietfurt |  Doline trail Hengen |  Danube Sink |  Dreieingangshöhle |  Falkensteiner Höhle |  Finsteres Loch |  Göpfelsteinhöhle |  Große Scheuer |  Gußmannshöhle |  Gutenberger Höhle |  Heimensteinhöhle |  Speleologic Museum |  Hülbener Tropfsteinhöhle |  Kahlensteinhöhle |  Karst trail Laichingen |  Kocherursprung |  Kolbinger Höhle |  Laichinger Tiefenhöhle |  Linkenboldhöhle |  Mordloch |  Mühlheimer Höhle |  Nebelhöhle |  Ofnethöhlen |  Olgahöhle |  Schertelshöhle |  Schillerhöhle oder Schillingshöhle |  Schopfloch Swamp |  Sieben-Täler-Höhle |  Steinernes Haus |  Sontheimer Höhle |  Tiefer Stollen |  Urach waterfall |  Vogts Grub |  Friedrichshöhle |  Wulfbachquellhöhle |  Zwiefaltendorfer Tropfsteinhöhle
 Blau Valley:  Blautopf und Blautopf cave |  Brillenhöhle |  Geißenklösterle |  Große Grotte |  Hohler Fels bei Schelklingen |  Schmiechen Lake |  Schmiechquelle |  Sirgensteinhöhle |  Ulmer Museum |  Urspring
 Lone Valley:  Bocksteinschmiede |  Charlottenhöhle |  Fohlenhaus |  Hohlenstein |  Hungerbrunnen |  The Lionlady |  Lonetopf |  Loneversickerung |  Ulmer Museum |  Vogelherdhöhlen

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