Kanton Obwalden

Kanton Obwalden is located in the center of the country, actually it is considered a "half-canton", the other half being Nidwalden. The canton of Obwalden has extensive karst areas, the Grosses Melchtal, Kleines Melchtal, Pilatus, Brünig, Giswilerstöcke, and Engelberg. As early as 1555, Conrad Gesner (*1516-✝1565) described the moon milk of the Mondhöhle, today's Mondmilchloch (moon milk hole) on Mount Pilatus. The oldest cave plans in Switzerland also come from this cave. The Hinteres Melch valley from Stöckalp to Graustock is the third most important karst area in Switzerland after the Hölloch and the Sieben-Hengste-Hohgant areas. But while the caves have been used by humans for a long time, currently as cooling cellars and for hydroelectric power, there is not a single show cave in the canton.