Brünig Indoor Schiess-Sport-Zentrum

Useful Information

Location: At Lungern, south of the village at the end of the valley. Signposted.
Open: All year Tue-Fri 14-21:30, Sat, Sun 9-17:30. Closed on 01-JAN, 02-JAN, 17-SEP, 01-NOV, 24-Dec, 25-DEC, 26-DEC. [2006]
Fee: Fee for using the shooting gallery. [2006]
Classification: shooting gallery
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: yes
Address: Brünig Indoor Schiess-Sport-Zentrum, Walchistrasse 30, CH-6078 Lungern, Tel: +41-41-67970-00, Fax +41+-41-67970-05. E-mail: contact
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1997 initiative of Thomas Gasser, first planning work for an underground 300 m shooting range.
16-MAR-2001 Unterirdische Schiessanlage Walchi AG founded to build the gallery.
18-MAY-2001 building licence granted.
18-JUN-2001 construction work started.
29-NOV-2002 inauguration of the 300 m, 150 m, and 100 m shooting galleries.


This is a unique subterranea, an underground shooting gallery with a 300 m long gallery. It is said to be the longest civilian underground shooting gallery in the World.

This structure was built as a shooting gallery, the reason are two Swiss passions: safety and shooting. Most Swiss adults have their own weapon, which is a result of hundreds of years of struggle and the need to defend their country. On the other hand they have a very strong attitude towards safety. As a result there are various laws about the security, safety, and environment friendliness of shooting galleries.

The area around Lungau had various shooting galleries, at Sarnen, Alpnach and Giswil. All had to be renovated to meet the new laws or closed. Thomas Gasser had the idea to go underground, which would solve all the problems, and close the old galleries. He started to organize all involved parties in 1997, the stakeholders of the galleries, politicians and the kantonales Amt für Umweltschutz Obwalden (Environmental Protection Office). Journalists and public were fascinated from the solution to former problems. It took some years to get the money and the building licence, but finally in 2001 the construction stared. And in 2002 the underground structure was opened to the public.

This whole structure, with extraordinary long ranges of up to 300 m is very important for sportsmen, hunters and military. But there are also various offers for entertainment, like a cinema shooting gallery, and a pub called Cantina Caverna. All those facts make this an absolute unique structure, the only one of its kind on the world so far.