Gletschergrotte Titlis

Titlis Glacier Cave

Useful Information

Location: Underground tunnel from level 1 of Titlis Bergstation.
(46.771260, 8.424024)
Open: All year daily.
Closed for renovation in early NOV.
Fee: free. [2020]
Classification: Subterraneaglacier grotto
Light: natural/electric
Dimension: L=100 m, T=-1.5 °C, A=3,000 m asl.
Guided tours:
Address: Engelberg Titlis, Poststrasse 3, 6390 Engelberg, Tel: +41-41-6395050, Fax; +41-41-6395060. E-mail:
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The Gletschergrotte Titlis (Titlis glacier cave) is located inside the glacier at the TITLIS mountain station. It is reached through a tunnel from level 1 of the station, so there is no need to walk across the glacier for this visit. Also it is not located in the end of the glacier, which moves and finally melts. It is located in the upper end of the glacier, the end which will melt last. And currently the ice here is 5,000 years old, which obviously was the last time when the glacier was completely gone. If you want a spectacular view, you may walk across the fantastic rope bridge called CliffWalk. And to get there you take the cable car from Engelberg which is the only one with a revolving cabin in Switzerland, so no matter which side you end up, you will always have the same view.