Bat Caves

Bat gate at the cave entrance, Schillerhöhle, Schwäbische Alb, Deutschland.

A bat cave is a cave inhabited by bats. The term ís often used as a proper name for a cave, in the local language. However, many artificial cavities, usually disused mine adits or tunnels, as well as nesting boxes intended for bats, are also called bat caves. Finally, the term has also entered pop culture, for example, Batman's bat cave. The term is also used as a synonym for cave in general, similar to the term dripstone cave.

Fledermaushöhle, German
Caverna do Morcego, Portuguese
Пещера на прилепите, Bulgarian.
Flagermus-hule, Danish
Lepakkoluola, Finnish
Netopirska jama, Slovenian
Cueva de los murciélagos, Spanish
Grotte de la chauve-souris, French

The term bat cave is unfortunately used inflationary, and therefore actually says nothing. Obviously, the reference is to bats, but since bats use practically every protected place for roosting, hibernation, or as a nursery, the term is used very broadly. Accordingly, the number of caves which are actually named Bat Cave, in the respective national language, is quite large. There is a serious danger of mixing them up, the number of Bat Caves in English-speaking countries is particularly large. Fortunately some have additional names, so it is possible to keep them apart.