The Pyrénées are a mountain ridge which runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and forms the border between France and Spain. This mountain range belongs to three regions, Aquitaine in the west, Midi-Pyrénées in the middle, and Languedoc-Roussillon in the east. But despite the name Midi-Pyrénées, only a small part in the south actually belongs to the Pyrénées. The region was created in the late 20th century to serve as a hinterland and zone of influence for its capital, Toulouse.

Because of its size the region includes numerous totally different karst areas. The namesake Pyrénées have limestones which are folded and uplifted, heavily karstified, with huge multi level cave systems. The area is also known for its cave paintings and engravings, its the second most important area with picture caves after the Perigord.

On 01-JAN-2016 the regions of France were changed and Midi-Pyrénées is now a part of the new region Occitanie.