Vallée de la Vézère

Vézère Valley

The Vézère river is 190 km long, from its source in the north-western Massif Central until it meets the Dordogne River. It flows south-west through the départements Corrèze and Dordogne. The river flows through Cretacious limestone for the last 40 km before it meets the Dordogne. In this area the erosion formed vutually thousands of cliff faces, abris (rock dhelters) and caves. This area was also ice free during the ice ages, part of a corridor between the glaciers on northern Europe and the glaciers of the Alps. It was an ideal area for stone age man, offered shelter, fresh water, prey, and even deep caves for religious reasons. The result is a wealth of stone age remains, including many artworks like paintings, engravings, reliefs, and carved ivory. Center is the small town Les Eyzies de Tayac.