Veneto is one of the 20 regions of Italy, capital is Venice while the biggest city is Verona. Located in the north-eastern part of Italy, it extends from the mountains to the Adriatic sea. The Po Valley covers 57% of the region, the rest are the southern foothills of the Alps, the Euganean Hills, Berici Hills, Colli Asolani, and Montello. And the northernmost part of the region is a part of the southern limestone Alps, which are also known as Venetian Alps.

The southern Alps are made of limestone or dolomite, and there are definitely caves, but so far no cave open to the public. But the limestone foothills, which are also karstified have numerous caves and spectaculta karst features and gorges. The plains of the Po are completely devoid of underground structures. Due to groundwater its even difficult to dig a cellar.