Museo Cava Acque

Cava Acque di Grancona

Useful Information

Location: Contrada Pederiva, 18, 36040 Pederiva VI.
From Vincenza or Verona take A4, exit Montecchio Maggiore, SP12 to Pederiva, at the city limit. The quarry entrance is hidden behind bushes.
(45.42322, 11.47065)
Open: after appointment only.
Fee: free.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=14 °C.
Guided tours: guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Grassi Pietre SRL - Via Madonetta, 2, 36024 Nanto (VI), Tel: +39-0444-639092. E-mail:
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The company Grassi Pietre from Nanto operates eight quarries in the surrounding hills. They produce the famous Pietra Bianca di Vicenza (White Rock of Vicenza) in different variations. It was an important part in the construction of buildings in nearby city Vicenza, but actually it was used since Roman times. The Vicenza stone quarries represent a fascinating chapter in the history of Venetian architecture and art. It was used by Andrea Palladio in the 16th century for the constuction of his famous villas. As a result, there are numerous mines in the area which are now abandoned. Grassi Pietre is a family business that has been quarrying limestone in the Vicenza area between Venice and Verona for 150 years. The company is currently run by siblings Mariavittoria and Francesco.

Grassi Pietre has decided to create a museum inside one of its quarries, Cava Acque di Grancona. This is Museo Cava Acque (Water Quarry Museum), also called Cava "ACQUE 1". It is an abandoned quarry and shows the daily work of the company. And it is an exclusive exhibition dedicated to the famous Vicenza Stone, but it's also a sort of art gallery. It is curated by architect Silvia Sandini. The exhibit is the first time all the finds and artefacts from the company's depots, which were collected in 150 years of quarrying, are on public display. “I Mascheroni” (Masks), “Gli Animali” (the Animals), “La Scultura in Giardino” (Garden Sculptures), “Laboratorio del Marmo”, which is the design brand of Grassi Pietre, the “Grassi Pietre exhibition” and “Il lapidarium”. The private museum actually has no open hours, but if you are in the area, send an email with the form on their website and make an appointment. It is intended especially for architects, designers and other experts. Helmets are provided.