Tatra Mountains

The Tatra Mountains are divided into three parts, the Western Tatras, the High Tatras and the Bielskie Tatras. The Bielskie Tatras and a part of the Western Tatras consist of limestone, the High Tatras consist of crystaline rocks.

The border between Poland and the RegionSlovak Republic runs right through the Tatras. On the Polish side the landscape is protected in the Tatrzanski Park Narodowy, on the Slovak side is Tarzanski Narodni Park.

The Tartras have 650 known caves, six are open for tourists. Rather famous among them are the Mrozna and Mylna Caves in Koscieliska Valley. The largest caves of the Tatras are not open to the public. Wielka Jaskinia Sniezna (Great Snow Cave) is the longest and deepest cave of Poland. It is 22,000m long and 824m deep.