Eastern Carpathians

The Eastern Carpathians run from the southwestern corner of Ukraine through Romania southwards. They end where the mountain range turns west and is called Southern Carpatians. The mountain range is divided into Outer Eastern Carpathians towards the east and Inner Eastern Carpathians towards the west of the mountain range. There is no Romanian word for those three terms, as Romanians divides the Eastern Carpathians on their territory into three simplified geographical groups named

  1. Carpaṭii Maramureşului şi ai Bucovinei (Carpathians of Maramureş and Bucovina)
  2. Carpaṭii Moldo-Transilvani (Moldavian-Transylvanian Carpathians)
  3. Carpaṭii de Curbură (Carpaṭii Curburii)

From the Romanian point of view the Eastern Carpathians are in the west of the country and thus generally called Western Carpathians. Be careful with the term.