Salina Cacica

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Location: Cacica
(47.63518713376249, 25.898017728959626)
Open: All year daily 9, 10:30, 12, 13:30, 15.
Fee: Adults RON 15, Children (3-14) RON 8, Children (0-2) free.
Classification: MineSalt Mine MineHalotherapy
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=14 °C.
Guided tours:  
Address: Sucursala Salina Cacica, Str. Republicii nr.9 Loc. Cacica. jud. Suceava, CP 727095, Tel: +400-230-237-087, Fax: +40-0230-237-084. E-mail:
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19th century mine opened to the public.


The salt deposit at Cacica is the largest salt reserve in Romania with an estimated size of 238 million tonnes of NaCl.


Salina Cacica (Cacica Salt Mine) is located in the locality of the same name, in the central-eastern part of Suceava County, at the eastern foot of Obcina Mari. The mine is a tourist or show mine since the mid 19th century. At this time a short route four visits was established, which has been preserved until today. The tour includes the historic parts of the mine which were dug by hand, the Grota Piticilor (Dwarf Grotto) and the Sala de Bal (Ballroom). It is entered down a 200 years old staircase made of fir wood to a depth of 44m. The salt in the air has impregnated the wood and preserved it. There are also steps cut into the salt, vaulted ceilings, and huge galleries. A small church was carved into the salt at a depth of 27 m, an ecumenical chapel which is dedicated to Sfânta Varvara (Saint Barbara), the patron saint of the miners. Since 200 years it is used by miners and on special events by the local public. In 1900, it was extended and its size doubled. Originally it was lighted only by the lamps of the miners,