Speleology is the scientific research about caves.

Caving is the exploration of natural caverns in the earth.

Cave Trekking is the touristic visitation of wild caves.

The main difference between caving and cave trekking are the intentions. Caving means to explore, survey and document the caves, main purpose is the accumulation of knowledge. Cave Trekking is the visit of caves without any kind of justification, its the touristic visit of caves.

In this section, you will find some general information about caving. It is a very brief introduction into the practise of exploring caves. Its intention is to give hints what is necessary to do caving, not to give a complete explanation of this difficult topic. There are numerous books, which contain much more information than this pages. But most important: the only way to learn caving is to do it with a group of sophisticated cavers. If this explanations made you curious, go to your nearby caving club and get some help!