Caves With The Tallest Stalagmite

Sounds weird. Caves with the tallest stalagmite? Of course there should be only one tallest stalagmite in the World!

The following list is a try to collect caves which once had the tallest stalagmite of the world. Some of those stalagmites really were the tallest for some time, other cave owner just ignored other parts of the world. Many of the caves still tell the legend of the biggest stalagmite on cave tours, others do not. So if you visited one of these caves, and you are told the tale, you know better. And if you visited a cave with such a legend which is not on the list, please contact us!

Size Cave Country Explanation
70 m ShowcaveZhijin Cave Zhejiang province, China There is a tallest stalagmite of the world in a cave in China, in Zhejiang province. They talk about 70 m tall formations. Some sources say "7 m higher than the one in Cuba". We believe that this is the true number one, if 70 m is correct. Its is also the tallest stalagmite in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records [2022].
70 m CaveHang Sơn Đoòng Vietnam The tallest stalagmite in a cluster.
67.2 m CaveCueva de Martín Infierno Cuba The world's tallest stalagmite, according to Dave Bunnell, is 67.2 m high.
63 m A cave in Matin mountain karst Cuba This cave is not open to the public, but it has the tallest stalagmite of the world, which is 63 m high.
38 m ShowcaveGrotta Ispinigoli near Dorgali, Italy Europe's tallest stalagmite. It is 38 m tall.
38 m ShowcaveYunshui Cave near Beijing, China One of the chambers contains the largest stalagmite in Asia, named 擎天柱 (Qíng tiān zhù, Optimus Prime), which is 38 m in height and estimated to be 300,000-year-old.
32 m CaveKrásnohorská Jaskyna near Rožnava, Slovakia Rožnava Cavers' Stalagmite is 32 m tall and about 15 m across. It is said to appear in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest stalagmite in the world.
30 m ShowcaveAven Armand France This largest known stalagmite in the world is 30 m high.
27 m ShowcaveCarlsbad Caverns U.S.A. This cave-rich Park offers various extraordinary superlatives. The 27 m high Monarch in Slaughter Canyon Cave, is dubbed one of the world's tallest columns, whatever this means. Ogle Cave contains Bicentennial Column, which is the second-tallest free standing column in the world, being 33.5 m tall.
24.5 m ShowcaveLing Shan Cave Hangzhou, China The tallest stalagmite of Asia is located in Hangzhou, and is 24.5 m high.
21 m ShowcaveMeramec Caverns Missouri, U.S.A. The most famous formation in the cave, the Stage Curtain, is called the largest single cave formation in the world. It measures 21 m high, 18 m wide and 11 m thick.
19 m ShowcaveGap Cave Cumberland Gap Park, Kentucky, U.S.A. The Pillar of Hercules was once thought to be tallest stalagmite in the world. It is 19 m tall and 10 m in circumference.
13.7 m ShowcaveCathedral Caverns U.S.A. Goliath is the world's biggest stalagmite, 13.7 m tall and 74 m in circumference. The cave also has the world's widest show cave entrance, 7.6 m high by 38.4 m wide. And it holds four more "world records". Definitely there are even two more world records: cave with worlds most faked world records and cave with the coolest and most educated cave guides in the world.
15 m ShowcaveCathedral Cave Wellington, Australia Another tallest stalagmite in the world, 15 m tall and 32 m in circumference.
10 m ShowcaveWyandotte Caves Indiana, U.S.A. In the Senate Chamber, 45 m long and 17 m wide, a stalagmite called Pillar of the Constitution 10 m tall and 20 m wide is shown.
? ShowcaveDarband Cave Iran This cave is advertised being "the largest cave in the country containing the tallest stalagmite columns". However, they do not give the length nor the height of the columns. They not even specify, if it is the tallest stalagmite of the country or of the world.