Darband Cave

Darband Shahmirzad Cave

Useful Information

Location: 18 km north of the city of Semnan, Semnan Province.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Darband Cave is one of those having the tallest stalagmite. It is advertised being "the largest cave in the country containing the tallest stalagmite columns". However, they do not give the length nor the heigh of the columns. They not even specify, if they are the tallest of the country or of the world.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting cave with many archaeological remains and beautiful speleothems. The cave was inhabited by man during prehistoric and historic times. Many ancient coins and sherds have been found in the cave.

Darband Cave is located in the Alborz mountains, running along the north of Semnan. The mountains here have an average altitude of 3,200 m asl, and separate Semnan from Mazandaran. This area with its karst and springs plays a great role in the water supply and cilmate of the region.