Piatra Altarului

Altar Cave

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Location: Izbucul Alunului, in the Munṭii Bihorului (Bihor Mountains).
Open: closed to the public
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave SmileVirtual Caves
Bibliography: WorldPiatra Altarului: The Album
Address: Mihai Gligan, Calea Floresti 81, ap. 261, 3400 Cluj Napoca, Tel. +40-64-178629
Mihai Botez, Piata 14 Iulie 4, 3400 Cluj Napoca, Tel./fax +40-64-187657.
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Spring 1984 discovered.


Piatra Altarului (Altar Cave) is probably the most beautiful cave of Romania, and one of the most beautiful caves of the world. The entrance was known for a long time, but in 1984 a narrow lead was followed for the first time, which lead to an enourmous cave. Until today the cave has to be entered through this narrow passage, and thus a visit is only possible for skinny people.

One part of Piatra Altarului is very well decorated with extraordinary speleothems. They are not only beautiful, they are also very fragile, thus the cave is protected very seriously.

The discoverers and explorers of the Romanian Speleological Federation decided, that Piatra Altarului will never become a show cave with lighted and paved walkways. The only way to visit this cave are a Worldvirtual tour on the internet and a book with fantastic pictures. This book was part of the campaign in order to promote the Cave and Karst Protection Law to the Romanian Parliament. It contains 57 magnificent pictures Cristian Lascu, one of the best Romanian cave photographer.