Cerknisko Jezero

Cerknica Lake

Useful Information

Location: South of Cercnica. (45° 46' N, 14° 24' E)
Open: No restrictions. [2015]
Fee: No restrictions. [2015]
Classification: KarstPolje KarstKarst Lake
Dimension: Maximum Area 26 km².
Guided tours:  
Photography: Allowed
Accessibility: Yes
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the remains of the lake in summer.

Cerknisko Jezero is a so called seasonal lake. As the water of the lake is connected directly with the water table, its level shows the level of the water table. The bed of the lake is connected to a large but mostly inaccessible subterranean labyrinth that spews out or swallows up the water.

The strange behaviour of the lake was already noticed by the ancient Romans who had no explanation for it. A description of it gained the 17th century Carniolan historian ExplainJohann Weichard Frh. von Valvasor, honorary membership in the Royal Geographical Society in London.

The maximum surface area of the lake is 26km², 10 km long and 5 km wide. In the summer it shrinks into a number of small puddles. Only one of them is permanent.

An island with a little village is located at the center of the lake.

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