Cave-in-Rock State Park

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Location: Hardin County. Along the Ohio River.
Classification: Mississippian limestone
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Bibliography: Otto A. Rothert (1995): The Outlaws of Cave-In-Rock, Historical Accounts of the Famous Highwaymen and River Pirates Who Operated in Pioneer Days upon the Ohio and Mississippi.
Southern Illinois University Press, Dezember 1995, paperback, ISBN: 0809320347
Address: Cave-in-Rock State Park, P.O. Box 338, New State Park Road, Cave-in-Rock, IL 62919, Te.: +1-618-289-4545.
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1729 first recorded visit by M. de Lery who called it Caverne dans Le Roc.
1744 first shown on a map published by Charlevoix's "History of New France".
1797-1834 served as a headquarters for outlaws who robbed and killed many river travelers.
1929 state park created.


Cave-in-Rock State Park is named for a 17 m wide cavern overlooking the Ohio River along the state's southern border.

The cave is famous for it was the home of river pirates, which lured travelers to the cave where they were robbed and killed.