Noravank Monastery - Khor Virap Cave - Magil Cave

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Location: Noravank Monastery.
From Areni to the south, after 1 km turn right and follow the road through a gorge to the end. At Noravank Monastery, to the right of the entrance of the tympanum.
(39.684301, 45.232975)
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Bibliography: O. Khalpakhchian (1980): Architectural Ensembles of Armenia, Moscow, Iskusstvo Publishers, in Russian.
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1227 main church of St. Karapet built.
1339 two-storied sepulchre church to the south of the complex built.
1999 monastery completely reconstructed and reopened.


Noravank Monastery is definitely well worth a visit, but as is dedicated to subterranean sights, the true reason why it is listed here are stalactite caves within the grounds of the monastery. They were discovered recently and are shown to the visitors of the monastery.

Outside the monastery, are several small caves. Magil cave is the biggest one, located in the gorge, to the left of the paved path to the monastery. Smaller caves, rock shelters, called Trchuneri Karayr (bird cave) are located at the entrance to the gorge. Here Bronze Age child burials were discovered.