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Location: Gimpel mountain, southern side
Open: JUL to 15-SEP Sat 8.
Fee: Adults EUR 50, Children (0-8) not allowed, Children (9-11) only with parent.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: no light.
Dimension: T=5 °C
Guided tours: D=8 h.
Address: Gimpel-Labyrinth, Bergerlebnis Toni Freudig, Agentur für Bergsport, Mühlenbichlweg 5, 87459 Pfronten, Tel: +49-8363-5364, Fax: +49-8363-926531. E-mail: contact
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1990 discovered by the mountain guide Toni Freudig.


The Gimpel-Labyrinth is a cave located at the southern side of the mountain Gimpel. It was discovered by the mountaineer and mountain guide Toni Freudig. While the cave is actually not closed, it is hard to find and requires caving and climbing skills. There is a climb to the entrance, and a 15 m drop right behind the entrance. The cave is visited on cave trekking tours guided by Toni Freudig, which include the necessary equipment and a check if participants are fit enough.

The cave tour requires first a two hour ascent to the foot of the southern side of the Gimpel. The last part of this ascent is without trails, participants need to be able to walk in difficult terrain beneath some physical fitness.

The Gimpel (2,176 m asl) is a mountain at the northern rim of the Alps. This part of the Alps is called nördliche Kalkalpen (northern limestone Alps) and belongs partly to Germany and partly to Austria. A little south of the border lies a range of mountains including Gimpel and Rote Flüh, which are frequented by mountaineers and walkers. The trails are rather easy, and there is a famous via ferrata called Friedberger Klettersteig. The whole area is a popular tourist destination.

However, while all trails are marked and there are numerous detailed guidebooks, the cave is not signposted and hard to find. Also the tour is rather difficult and strenuous, so the visit is possible only on the guided tours of mountain guide Toni Freudig.