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Location: Near Türnitz. From Türnitz B20 to Anthofsiedlung, turn right towards Schwarzenberg an der Pielach, park at Knedelhof, "Paulinenhöhle" signposted. Use trail Mostviertel Wanderweg Nr.42.
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: Paulinenhöhle: L=242 m.
Guided tours:
Bibliography: Michael Müllner (1927): Die Paulinenhöhle bei Türnitz NÖ, Wien, Verlag der NÖ Landessammlungen 1927. ASIN: B0027Q0X1G
Address: Paulinenhöhle, Fremdenverkehrsverein Türnitz, Markt 14, 3184 Türnitz, Tel: 02769-7435.
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19-JUN-1927 opened as a show cave.


Not far from the small village Türnitz are two small horizontal caves which can be easily visited. Park at the Knedelhof near Türnitz, the cave Paulinenhöhle is signposted. It is only about ten minutes walk.

The Paulinenhöhle is a rather long horizontal cave, some 240 m long. The floor is horizontal, a few small drops are equipped with wooden staircases. Be careful as the wood may be rotten and slippery. The staircases are the remains from when the cave was developed as a show cave many years ago. The cave is now freely accessible, as a result most of the speleothems are unfortunately destroyed. The biggest chamber right behind the entrance is called Kreuzdom and contains Bergmilch (montmilk).

The cave was known to the locals as Geldloch in den Steinbachmäuern. It was explored in the early 20th century by Dr. Michael Müller, a speleologist from Vienna. He renamed the cave after an enthusiastic assistant named Pauline.

The second cave is named Wildfrauenhöhle (Wild Women Cave), but it is signposted Jungfrauenhöhle (Virgins Cave). It is much smaller than the first cave. The most impressive feature of this cave is the keyhole profile of the passage. The width of the passage depends on the energy of the water flowing through, low energy means wide and slow deepening, high energy means fast and narrow erosion. Changes result in hour glass shaped profiles.

Both caves are very easy, no special equipment except lamps is required. However, sturdy boots, warm clothes, and if you have a helmet are much recommended.