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Location: Schönebach, Bregenzerwald, Vorarlberg. Bezau turn off towards Moorbad Reuthe and Bizau (681 m asl). Small toll-road to Schönenbach (1025 m asl), parking. 90 min walk. (Katasternummer 1126/1)
Open: Self guided: not restricted.
Aktiv-Zentrum Bregenzerwald: all year after appointment.
Fee: Self guided: free.
Aktiv-Zentrum Bregenzerwald: Adults EUR 48, Children (8-18) EUR 33, Children (0-7) not allowed, Family (2+2) EUR 145, Family additional Person EUR 28.
Groups (12+): discounts.
Guide without equipment EUR 195.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave. Wettersteinkalk.
Light: no light.
Dimension: L=1,500 m, VR=100 m, T=0-8 °C.
Guided tours: D=6 h.
Address: Schneckenloch, Aktiv-Zentrum Bregenzerwald, Gerhard Feuerstein, Tel: +43-5514-3148. E-mail: contact
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entrance with ice.

The Schneckenloch (snail's hole) is a spacious karst cave which is rather popular for cave trekking tours. The cave is comparably easy, but it still is a wild cave, not a tourist cave. There are several groups organizing cave trekking trips. The visit is very popular among boy scouts and other youth clubs and school classes.

climbing spot to reach the further passages.

The cave is reached by a walk from the hamlet Schönenbach. This is a so called Sommerdorf (summer village), which means it is only inhabited during the summer months. The high pastures are used to graze livestock, and the people who live here do things like caring for the cows, milking and making cheese. Today tourism is a second income, so the village has three restaurants. The walk to the cave is 3.5 km long and 250 m uphill, and takes about 75 minutes.

The cave is rather spacious, but several narrow passages and some slopes make the tour demanding. So if you are not an experienced caver, you should definitely book a tour with a cave trekking operator. The cave is not suitable for beginners without experienced company.

This is the longest cave in Vorarlberg, about 1.5 km long, with mostly spacious passages. The entrance is 40 m wide and 10 m high, the following entrance hall is 120 m long. The cave has the shape of a Y. The Schneckenloch is located in the Bregenzer Wald, but it is in the Wetterstein limestone of the Ifen plateau.

There are signs telling that the cave may only be visited with guided tours. This is nonsense, but inteded to keep stupids out of the cave in order to prevent accidents. This is definitely not a cave for a sunday afternoon trip. It requires preparation, gear, and a group of at least three. We hardly recommend to book a tour with one of the operators. The tours include well prepared guides, gear and transport from the center of Bizau.

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