Leutasch-Klamm Wasserfallsteig

Leutascher Geisterklamm

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Location: Schanz in Austria to Mittenwald in Germany.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
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Address: Leutaschklamm Geisterklamm, 6105 Österreich, Tel: +43 50 880 510. leutaschklamm.com
Leutasch-Klamm Wasserfallsteig, 82481 Mittenwald. Geöffnet bis 18:00 leutasch-klamm.de
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This gorge has several names, probably a result of marketing stunts. Most people call it just Leutasch Klamm, which is actually simply the name of the valley. Another name is Leutasch-Klamm Wasserfallsteig, with the emphasis on Wasserfallsteg (waterfall trail). But the newest version seems to be Leutascher Geisterklamm (Leutascher Ghost Canyon).

The valley goes uphill from the German side towards Austria, the last village in Germany is Mittenwald, which is famous for producing handmade violins. Behind the town os the lower entrance to the gorge which is named Leutasch-Klamm Wasserfallsteig. However, a few meters behind the ticket office is the Austrian border, and the whole gorge actually belongs to Austria. It is the begin of a short valley which is named after its biggest village Leutasch, and the river is named Leutascher Ache. That's a strange thing: Ache is the name of actually any river in the area, which is quite impractical. To keep them apart the name of the most important town along the river is adde, to make them unique. However, if you follow the Leutscher Ache on the elevated steel trail to the other side of the gorge, the valley widens again. The first hamlet is named Schanz and the entrance of the gorge belong sto this village. Ang here the gorge is named Leutascher Geisterklamm. So the two different names are for the same gorge, depending on which side you start your walk.