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the narrowest part of the gorge.
Location: Dornbirn
Open: Summer: no restrictions.
Closed in Winter according to weather.
Fee: free [2007]
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Guided tours:
Address: Rappenlochschlucht
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1890 path through Rapploch and Alploch created.


the Alploch gorge.

The Rappenlochschlucht is a fantastic gorge, although not as long or as bhombastic as some others nearby. On the other hand it is free, and a great fun for children. As allways gorges are a fine place on a hot summer day. Unfortunately there are many others who had the same idea.

The Rappenlochschlucht is located in the city Dornbirn. It is well signposted, located at the road into the valley of the small village Ebnit. There is a parking lot and a huge mammoth tree. Following the huge cast iron water tube the visitor soon reaches the first part of the gorge which is called Rappenloch. This name became synonymous for the whole complex of three gorges. At the end of the gorge the valley widens, a dam with an artificial lake follows, the building of the second oldest hydroelectric power plant in Vorarlberg, then the Alplochschlucht. It is almost as impressive as the first flume.

The third gorge, the Schaufelschlucht is not developed with a trail, but it is the location of a road. The road from Dornbirn to Ebit crosses this gorge, with several bridges, tunnels and avalanche shelters. This is probably the alternative for lazy visitors.

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