Heilklimastollen Friedrich

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Location: Kreuth, near Bad Bleiberg.
Near Villach, at Austrian the border to Italy. A10 exit 172 Villach West, follow Tiroler Straße towards town center, after 1 km turn right, after 800 m turn right onto Bleiberger Straße, 7 km to Bad Bleiberg, 2 km more to Kreuth. A2 exit 364 Hermagor, B111 towards Hermagor, turn right after after 4 km through Nötsch Im Gailtal 4 km to Kreuth.
Open: All year Mon-Thu 8-9, 13:30-14:30, Fri 8-9.
Fee: Single Visit EUR 16, Five Visits (one week) EUR 105. [2007]
Classification: MineLead Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=8 °C, H=100%.
Guided tours:
Address: Heilklimastollen Friedrich, Bad Bleiberger Freizeit- und Gesundheitszentrum "Barbara" GmbH, Kreuth 279, 9531 Kreuth bei Bad Bleiberg, Tel: +43-4244-3030, Fax: +43-4244-30304. E-mail: contact
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1990 Heilklimastollen opened.


The Heilklimastollen Friedrich is one of numerous abandoned mines in the area of Bad Bleiberg. Once lead and zinc were mined here. But today this tunnel is used for a medical therapy called speleotherapy. It is based on thepurity and humidity of the air in the mine, and of course of the high amount of carbon dioxide.

The Heilklimastollen ist entered through an entrance building called Anfahrtsgebäude in the Austrian miner terminology. A 90 m long tunnel, 2.5 m wide and 2.8 m high, leads to a complex of three chambers, 150m², 50m² and 150m² in size. Here the therapy takes place, which in fact is just to stay in the mine for some time.

This is not a show mine, it is exclusively a mine for speleotherapy, and it is not possible to visit this mine except for therapy.