Camooweal Caves National Park

Useful Information

Location: 20 km from Camooweal.
Open: only in dry season
Fee: free
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Cambrian dolomite (500 Ma).
Light: none
Guided tours: n/a
Address: Camooweal Caves National Park, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, 2nd Floor, Mount Isa House, Cnr of Camooweal and Mary Streets, PO Box 2316, Mount Isa Qld 4825, Tel: +61-7-4743-2055.
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The Camooweal Caves National Park is located 20 km from Camooweal in the dry Barkly Tableland. The landscape is dotted by sinkhole openings, a sign of the caves below. Extensive caverns are linked by vertical shafts up to 75 meters deep. The caves are still growing during the wet season, but in the rest of the year the water table recedes deep into the shafts, leaving the caves dry and dusty. This caves do not show many speleothems, as they are subject to extremes of temperature and sudden flooding. The growth of speleothems is continually desturbed and existing dripstones destroyed.

The same reason why there are no speleothems, the sudden flooding during wet season is the reason why the caves should only be visited during dry season. The caves fill with water and become a deadly trap. Only experienced cavers with appropriate equipment should explore the caves. They must notify the local police or Ranger on your arrival and departure times at the caves. The Ranger at Mount Isa is also a good source for more information.

The best cave to explore is Great Nowranie. This cave has the largest sinkhole, 290 m long and 70 m deep, which makes it worth a visit even if you do not enter. The cave can only be entered by descending an 18-metre drop, so climbing gear is necessary.