Carlotta Arch

Carlotta Arch Walking Track - Shaping Waters Walk

Useful Information

Location: 182 km west of Sydney.
Open: No restrictions. [2019]
Fee: free. [2019]
Classification: natural bridges
Light: n/a
Guided tours: n/a
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: definitely not
Address: Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust, P.O.Box 1495, Bathurst. NSW 2795.
Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust, Littlebourne St, Kelso (Bathurst) NSW 2795, Tel: (063) 32 5888 (office), Fax: (063) 32 9399
Jenolan Caves, Jenolan Caves. NSW 2790, Phone: (063) 59 3311, Fax: (063) 59 3307
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Carlotta Arch is a natural bridge which was formed by the destruction of huge cave passage. All that remains is a single arch, with impressive stalactites at the ceiling. On one side is a steep slope to the valley floor, the Blue Lake and and the exit of Lucas Cave. From here a trail goes up the steep slope, which was built using steel beams and roasts. It is quite strenuous, but the view through the arch to the blue lake is woth the effort. Just take enough time, if you are fit it takes half an hour, but one hour for a more enjoyable experience is recommended.