Stockyard Gully Cave

Useful Information

Location: Leeman.
50 km NE of Jurien Bay.
(-29.939651, 115.098570)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Stockyard Gully Cave, Stockyard Gully Reserve, Warradarge WA 6518, Tel: +61-8-9688-6000. E-mail:
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Stockyard Gully Cave are named after one of the stopping places used by drovers on the North Road Stock Route. They are located at the homonymous park which has several caves. The area to the east drains westwards to the sea, the hills are karstified so the water goes underground when it reaches the hills and flows underground to the sea. There is a chain of sinks on the eastern side of the ridge, Stockyard Gully Cave is one of them.

The sink is right at the road, opposite the turnoff to the parking lot. As there is a river flowing into the cave, this cave is only for cavers. Normal visitors drive to the parking lot and enter a higher fossil level of the cave about 260 m west of the sink.

The main sight is a 300 m long chamber with level sandy floor, and it's an easy stroll through this high and wide hall. Smaller side passages require a little more effort to get through. There is also a possibility to see the cave river. The cave is mostly level but undeveloped, there are neither trils nor light. Wear walking shoes and bring two lamp. For the lowe section a helmet with headlamp is preferable. The cave is located in Stockyard Gully National Park, but there is no day use fee for the park and no fee for the cave.

The cave can only be reached with 4x4 cars. From Highway 60 turn east at Green Head, after 15 km turn left. The dirt road is 15 km to the parking lot. At least the last part is suitable only for 4x4.