Historic Daydream Mine

Day Dream Mine

Useful Information

Location: Apollyon Valley, 28 km from Broken Hill on the road to Silverton.
Open: Easter to NOV daily 10-15:30.
DEC to Easter daily 10, 11:30.
Fee: Adults AUD 20, Children (-15) AUD 8, Seniors AUD 19, Students AUD 19, Family (2+1) AUD 49, Additional Child AUD 8.
Classification: MineSilver mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=60 min.
Address: Historic Underground Daydream Mine, Silverton Road, Apollyon Valley, NSW, 2880, Cell: +61-427-885-682.
Historic Underground Daydream Mine, 1 Brown St, Broken Hill NSW 2880, Tel: +61-8-8088-5682, Fax: +61-8-8088-4532.
E-mail: contact
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1882 mine opened.
1884 smelter built.
1985 mining at Broken Hill started.
1896 mine closed.
1907 mine reopened.
1921 mine closed.
1964 mine reopened.
1983 mine finally closed.


The Daydream Mine is a very early mine, it started operation three years before mining began in nearby Broken Hill. It was opened and worked by Cornish miners. During its heyday it employed 150 men and 20 boys, the youngest only eight years old. In the early days the ore was transported to the U.K. and Germany, but in 1884 a smelter was built and the ore was processed locally.

Once the mining was very hard. The tunnels were dug by hand, and sometimes they were so narrow or low, the miners had to work on their side. Today the mine visit is very easy and suitable for all ages. Nevertheless, we recommend sturdy shoes.