Edna May Gold Mine

Useful Information

Location: Westonia.
Between Southern Cross and Merredin, 1 km north of Westonia.
Open: no restrictions
Fee: free
Classification: MineGold Mine
Light: n/a
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1911 mine founded.
1949 Edna May WA Amalgamated Gold Mines NL liqudated.
2003 deeps gold initiative by Westonia Mines.


The Edna May Goldmine is long gone. But a lookout gives a fine view over the former workings, an open cast mine which has now filled with water. Here the mineralised rock unit called Edna May Gneiss was mined. The mine and the formation were named after the sister of the founder of Westonia. In the 1940s the production was not sufficient anymore and the mine was closed.

But recently Westonia Mines, a local mining corporation, started a "deeps gold initiative" and tested the area for gold. They tested the rocks up to 1000 m depth and found a sufficient body of gold ore, and also a small but remunerating body of nickel sulphide. So they will probably soon start a deep mine operation at this place.

The whole area along the road between Perth and Kalgoorlie is influenced by gold and former gold rushes. Along the road, especially at Westonia and at Kalgoorlie are numerous still working gold mines. And there is a history of almost a hundred years in gold mining.