Radeka's Downunder

Useful Information

Location: Coober Pedy, Hutchison St (Main St). (29°0'43.92"S, 134°45'18.55"E)
Open: All year daily. [2007]
Fee: Dormitory Bed AUD 22, Budget Twins / Doubles AUD 55..
Single AUD 105, Double/Twin AUD 105, Extra Bed AUD 22. Family suite, Two Rooms accomodates 8, Double/Twin AUD 125, Extra Bed AUD 22. [2007]
Classification: SubterraneaCave House
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Radeka's Downunder, Yveline and TonyRadeka, Hutchison St (Main St), PO Box 808 Coober Pedy, South Australia 5723, Tel: +61-8-8672-5223, Fax: +61-8-8672-5821. E-mail: contact
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Radeka's Downunder is an underground hostel and motel.