Rastuška Pećina

Rastuša Cave - Rastusa Cave

Useful Information

Location: Rastuša.
17 km from Teslić.
(44.696863, 17.800770)
Open: not yet open.
Fee: not yet open.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Dimension: L=570 m.
Guided tours: L=450 m.
Address: Rastuška Pećina, Tel: +387-, Fax: +387-,
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Rastuška Pećina (Rastusa Cave) was named after the nearby village Rastuša. For some years there are works in progress to develop the 500 m long cave for tourism. A trail with a length of 450 m was built and the cave was placed on Google maps. But so far they are not completed and the cave is not opened as a show cave.

The entrance of the cave was excavated and revealed archaeological remains from the prehistoric hunters. Fire places and other human remains were discovered. Also many animal bones were found, Pleistocene fauna including cave bear, wolf, lion, rhino,