Sokolačka Pećina

Falcon Cave

Useful Information

Location: Sokolac.
Highway R415a 6 km from the city center Shipovo towards Baraći. Gravel road on the right, 150 m to parking lot.
(44.283724, 17.025243)
Open: With nature guide.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Dimension: L=110 m, A=575 m asl.
Guided tours:  
Photography: allowed
Address: Sokolačka Pećina, Municipality Šipovo, Serbian Patriarch Pavle Square 1, Shipovo 70270, Tel: +387-50-360-010, Fax: +387-50-371-637. E-mail:
TIC Šipovo, Gavrila Principa 7a, 70270 Šipovo, Tel: +387-50-371-928. E-mail:
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Sokolačka Pećina (Falcon Cave) was named after the gorge of the river Sokočnica, where it is located. On the opposite site of Sokočnice canyon is the ancient settlement Soko. The name translates falcon, but that's not connected to the cave. Probably there were a lot of falcons in the gorge.

The small cave is horizontal and noted for fine speleothems. It is actually not developed, there are no trails and no eletric light, but the floor is level and trails were trampled by the visitors. The cave is closed with a gate, so the only way to see the cave is with a guide who has the key. The cave is managed by the municipality Šipovo.