Mijnmuseum Beringen

Vlaams Mijnmuseum

Useful Information

Location: Koolmijnlaan 201, 3582 Beringen.
North of Beringen.
(51.070770, 5.221054)
Open: All year daily 10-17.
Underground Simulation: All year daily 11, 13, 15.
Mining Sundays: MAR to NOV 1st Sun.
Fee: Adults EUR 6, Children (6-17) EUR 4, Children (0-5) free.
Underground Simulation: Adults EUR 4.
Classification: MineCoal Mine SubterraneaReplica Underground Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=800 m.
Guided tours: self guided. Free app. Nederlands - Dutch Français - French English Deutsch - German Italiano - Italian Türkçe - Turkish
Underground Simulation: D=45 min, Max=20, L=800 m.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Mijnmuseum Beringen, Koolmijnlaan 201, 3582 Beringen, Tel: +32-11-453025, Fax: +32-11-453025. E-mail:
Tourism Beringen, Koolmijnlaan 203, 3582 Beringen, Tel: +32-11-42-15-52. E-mail:
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1907 coal mine opened.
1966 first coal mine closed.
1985 museum founded on the initiative of Gilbert Goddeeris, the former director of the coal mine of Beringen.
1986 vzw Vrienden van het Mijnstreekmuseum founded.
28-OCT-1989 coal mine closed.
1992 last coal mine in the area closed.
2012 museum opened to the public.


The Mijnmuseum Beringen (Mining Museum Beringen), formerly Vlaams Mijnmuseum (Flemish Mining Museum) is dedicated to the coal mining history of Vlaams. Located in the buildings of a former colliery, the museum has a preserved headframe, changing rooms and showers, and an exhibitions with tools and models, but as typical for coal mines, there is no underground mine passage preserved. They have what they call ondergrondsimulatie (Underground Simulation), which is actually a sort of replica mine, complete with the typical sounds of a mine. The tours start three times a day, reservation is not necessary. It's an underground gallery with all typical machinery of a colliery simulating the situation of the original mine some 800 m below ground. The funny thing is that the guides wear hardhats, while the visitors do not. Actually it is not a mine at all, it's just a cellar, and the helmets are only for the authenticity.

The museum is located in the northern building of the former mine. The main building is dominated by the Schachtbok Beringen, the huge steel headframe. The buildings also contain the Erfgoedbeleving, a local history museum, and the be-MINE, which offers a wide range of contemporary, adventurous attractions and experiences. In other words it's a sort of event location for concerts, but also a site for sportive activities including biking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

The Beringen mining site is said to be the best-preserved mining site in Europe. The headframe, shower rooms, coal washery, cooling towers, water tower, sedimentation plant and other mine buildings are still intact, but not open to the public. But it's possible to visit them during guided tours on the so-called Mining Sunday, which is the first Sunday of the month between March and November. This tour is guided by a former miner, and ends at the Underground Simulation. For those special tours, online booking is required. The mining museum is operated by the non-profit association vzw Vrienden van het Mijnstreekmuseum which was founded by former miners.