Лъженската пещера

Liar's Cave - пещера Мандрата - Mandrata Cave

Useful Information

Location: From Pleven 35 south 30 km to Lowetsch, turn left on 301 to Alexandrovo, turn right, through the village. Halfway between Aleksandrovo and Chavdartsi, turn right on single lane gravel lane, ends after 1.1 km at the cave entrance.
(43.242010, 24.967250)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave Lower Cretaceous limestones of Aptian age
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Liar's Cave, Чавдарци, Aleksandrovo, Tel: +359-87-735-7743.
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19-SEP-1926 first known survey by N. Radev.
1926 archaeological excavations by V. Mikov.
1929 archaeological excavations by V. Mikov.
1931 exploration, survey and description by engineer P. Petrov.
1965-78 several cave expeditions by local cavers.


Лъженската пещера (Liar's Cave) is also known as пещера Мандрата (Mandrata Cave). It is a cave portal at the foot of a limestone escarpment, the entrance is partly closed by two walls on the sides. A road leads into the opening and the inside has a concrete floor. A few meters behind the first wall is a second, again with a huge door, big enough for a vehicle. The walls of the cave have numerous artificial holes, some used for timbers, and a huge wash basin or trough made of concrete. It seems the cave was used by local farmers as a barn for cattle.

The cave was opened for tourists during a project of the "Devatashko Plateau" association. At the entrance a picknick area was built. People are allowed to visit the cave freely, which unfortunately has the drawback of vandalism. Some visitors complained, that the cave was used as a toilet by some visitors and smells badly. That's unfortunately a problem, as the cave has no warden.