Пещерата "Водните дупки"

Water Holes Cave

Useful Information

Location: From Sewliewo 404 to Debnevo, 3505 to Velchevo, left on 607 to Apriltsi. Turn right along Vidima river LOV1001, signposted Eco Trail. At the hydroelectric power station keep right to the Платен паркинг хижа Плевен (Parkin Pleven Lodge).
(42.733653, 24.900148)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
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Пещерата "Водните дупки" (Water Holes Cave) or simply Water Holes is a small cave which is currently in the process of moving the cave river one level deeper. The cave has two entrances, a low and wide entrance which is typically water fille, the resurgence of the cave river, and a huge portal higher up, which is normally dry. According to the common model for cave development, the water springs at the level of the valley. At the same time cracks below the water table are also water filled and slowly widened. When the valley depens further, typically as a result of erosion by the river, the lower passages are used by the water and form a new springb which is lower. At first the lower level is still not big enough for peaks in the flow, during snow melt or after heavy rains, and so the higher level is reactivated at those times. That's exactly the current state of Water Holes Cave, and probably the origin of the name.

The two entrances meet inside the cave, and so further in the main passage has a cave river. It's quite easy to enter the cave through the upper entrance, but the cave river makes a further exploration pretty wet. If you intend to follow the passage further in, we strongly recommend caving gear, especially gum boots.

The cave is reached on the Екопътека "водните Дупки" ("water Holes" Eco-path) which is signposted and has educational sign (only in Bulgarian). It starts at the town of Apriltsi, Vidima district, at the end of the road at the parking lot for the хижа Плевен (Pleven lodge). From here the eco trail starts, it's about 2 km/30 minutes walk to the cave, the trail has a total length of 14 km. The area is part of the "Central Balkan" National Park, the хижа Плевен (Severen Jendem, North Gendem) reserve. The cave is located below the summit of Botew mountain, the whole area is a popular hiking area with numerous lodges. We strongly recommend a good hiking map.