Underground Mining Museum Pernik

Подземният минен музей

Useful Information

Location: 2300 Tsentar, Pernik
Open: All year daily 9-16.
Tours every hour on the full hour.
Fee: Adults BGN 4, Students BGN 2, Seniors BGN 2.
English tour: Adults BGN 10.
Classification: MineCoal Mine
Light: electric.
Guided tours:
Address: Underground Mining Museum, Krakra Pernishki Square 10, Pernik 2300, Tel: +359-76-603-737.
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1891 mine opened.
1966 mine cloased.


The Подземният минен музей (Underground Mining Museum) is located in two former mine tunnels. In 30 stops the history opf coal mining, from manual extraction, over mine carts pulled by horses to the modern mining machinery. The mining museum is part of the Pernik Regional History Museum.