Цар Асен

Tsar Asen Mine

Useful Information

Location: Tsar Asen.
From Sofia or Plowdiw A1, exit Panagyurishte, follow Highway 37 towards Panagyurishte, right before Levski turn right to Tsar Asen.
(42.355484, 24.340703)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: MineCopper Mine
Light: n/a
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Tsar Asen Mine.
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Porphyry copper deposit.


The Цар Асен (Tsar Asen, King Asen Mine) is an almost circular open cast mine, a pit, which was abandoned many years ago. The pit filled with rainwater and groundwater. Not only the surrounding rocks, but also the water in the lake has rather strange colours. That's a result of the ores which were mined here, porphyry copper ores. The locals tell, the lake "contains the whole Periodic Table of Elements." A joke, but a bitter one. The mine is gone and with it employment, what stays are heavy damages to the environment. It is not recommended to take a swim in the lake.

The mine has the same name as the nearby village, but it is unclear if it was named after the nearby village or if the village was named after the mine. The Асеневци (Asen dynasty) founded and ruled a medieval Bulgarian state between 1185 and 1280 called the Second Bulgarian Empire. The connection between the mine and the dynasty is unknown. The old name of the village is Karaplii. The mine was opened and closed during the communist era, it was closed because the deposit was exhausted.

This is not a show mine, it's an abandoned open cast which may be visited freely, and it is notable for the strange colours. It is located right at the road, and there are no fences.