Gruta do Centenário

Caverna do Centenário

Useful Information

Location: Santa Bárbara. 8km from the Santuário do Caraça, which are 6 hours of difficult hike. 120km from Belo Horizonte and 26km from Catas Altas.
Open: no
Fee: n/a
Classification: Quartzite cave!
Light: no
Dimension: L=3,790m, VR=481m.
Guided tours: no
Address: ..
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1922 discovered by the priests of the Colégio do Caraça.


Gruta do Centenário is the deepest cave of Brazil and of the whole southern hemisphere. It is located close to the summit of the 2.070 m high Pico Alto do Inficcionado.

But the most special thing with this cave is its geology: it is the longest and deepest quartzite cave of the world! Quartzite is not really soluble by water, so quartzite caves are very rare. Such a big example is really extraordinary.

This cave is not accessible to tourists. Beneath its remote location, which includes a 6 hours hike from the Santuário do Caraça up the Pico Alto do Inficcionado this cave is a vertical cave and only suitable for experienced cavers.